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The process of locating and engaging vendors by on-site managers is time-consuming and often frustrating when it comes to the bidding and contracting process. In smaller markets, there is a lack of options for workers and crews capable of executing large scale bulk student housing turns, and vendors that do often lack a level of organization and professionalism that clashes with the management team. By coordinating with site-level management to identify preferred successful vendors and sourcing labor well ahead move-out, Turn. engages the most capable and efficient labor at a local and national scale.

As a full-service, turnkey provider of all the key products and services you and your community need, Turn. will take the hassle and frustrations out of your property turns, conventional make readies and capital improvement projects.

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We all know that residents, unfortunately, don't stay with us forever and that turnover is part of life in the multifamily housing industry. The Turn Company specializes in student housing turns and focuses on taking maybe the most crucial and time-consuming part - vendor management - off of your plate. By coordinating with onsite management and local and national vendors, Turn. will oversee the bidding, management, execution, and invoicing aspects of the primary turn trades of painting, cleaning, and carpet cleaning services that refresh your apartments so you can focus on leasing and other revenue generating opportunities.

Conventional turnover is a weekly and monthly occurrence that can take up a large percentage of your maintenance and office team's time. Turn. works with local and national vendors to bring consistency and quality to your make ready process and can remove the burden of the constant scheduling and oversight of turn vendors, while getting your team back to work orders and preventative maintenance.

Capital improvements are major investments for your community and it is critical that they are done right. On the upside, they improve the curb appeal and functionality of your community. On the downside, they are extremely time-consuming. Between recurring pre-bid and post-bid meetings, area walks, inspections, permitting, oversight, delays, and disputes, capex projects often pull you and your team away from their primary focus: leasing your apartments. Turn. will bid out your projects, meet with contractors, work off your budget, provide oversight, and finalize with inspectors if necessary, while providing you and your owners up-to-date progress reports along the way.

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