Student Housing Turn Contracted Services

The process of locating and engaging vendors by on-site managers is time-consuming and often frustrating when it comes to the bidding and contracting process. In smaller markets, there is a lack of options for workers and crews capable of executing large scale bulk student housing turns, and vendors that do often lack a level of organization and professionalism that clashes with the management team. By coordinating with site-level management to identify preferred successful vendors and sourcing labor well ahead move-out, Turn. engages the most capable and efficient labor at a local and national scale.

As a full-service, turnkey provider of all the key products and services you and your community need, Turn. will take the hassle and frustrations out of your property turns, conventional make readies and capital improvement projects.

our contracTED services

new offering

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Turnkey painting services with bulk by the bed and common area pricing

Premium Services – color changes and wall repairs
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Timely unit readiness to meet your expectations

Customized scope for partial units

Priority given to transfers for successful move-ins
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Full-service carpet cleaning

Efficient scheduling to coordinate with other vendors

Fast turnaround for unit turnover
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Customizable 14 item 

Make Ready/Punch Scope

Reduced Facilities Team burnout and turnover

Allows Facilities team to focus on big ticket items

Turn. Year-Round Service & Support

Our comprehensive approach encompasses not only the tactical dimensions of painting, cleaning, and maintenance for make-readies/”punch,” but also the orchestration of flawlessly executed transitions for new residents.

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55 Individual Markets

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13 States

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Bed Turned

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Looking for turnover, maintenance
or capital project support?