Turn. Defined

Turn·o·ver (’t∂rn,ō∂vr) noun: the period of a student housing property’s operating year when every owner, manager, team member, resident, and parent wants to gouge out their eyes due to the stress and strain of the world’s most daunting tasks on the planet: bulk move-outs, bulk make-readies, bulk move-ins. And all this within an unrealistic time frame. Easy, right?

The turn process can make or break the year and the years ahead, helping to build up or tear down your community’s reputation. The stakes are high! What you do at turn defines your property’s reputation in the market before its upcoming leasing season has even begun. If your team neglects the planning process and execution is disorganized, turn can have long-standing, disastrous results.

Enter Turn. We’re focused on results—the positive kind. Turn. seeks to minimize property disruptions, costly overruns, move-in delays, concessions, and reputational damage. We’ll bust our butts so you don’t have to, and you’ll finally get your summers back.

One Vendor

We’re a one-stop solution to manage and execute your turns.
We're the steering wheel and every gear, notch, and joint that helps.
• One contract, one invoice, one solution
• A single-vendor solution for all primary turn trades, including paint, cleaning, and carpet cleaning
• Vendor identification, negotiation, engagement, management, and payment


We offer real-time progress visibility throughout the turn process so you always know where we are. Go ahead, keep tabs on us.
• Cure the issue of progress visibility by receiving live updates throughout the turn process: a novel concept in student housing
• On-site management coordination at all stages of turn


We’re a dedicated team of professionals that live, breathe, and manage turn year-round. Yes, we’re a weird breed.
• Turn planning and execution
• Post-turn evaluation and improvement
• Year-round support so your turn isn’t just a seasonal exercise


At the end of the day, results are all that matter, and we don’t mess around with results. We do mess around with golf.
• Time and cost savings
• Analytics with improvement plans
• Peace of mind

Turn. Value

By offering an innovative, single-vendor solution for one of the most challenging and costly phases of student housing management, Turn. is an invaluable partner at all levels of the process. We’re the Shaggy to your Scooby. And yes, we can bring snacks.

Property Owners

• Risk mitigation
• Time savings for your entire management and on-site team
• Cost savings from a single-vendor solution
• Transparency every step of the way


• A streamlined process for you to do your job
• Organized communities ready for trades
• Simplified process for bids, contracts, and invoices
• Get in and get out more efficiently

Onsite Teams

• Reduced responsibility pre-, during, and post-turn
• Save time to focus on core competencies & generating revenue
• Fewer resident complaints & concessions

End Users

• Move-in bliss
• Apartment ready on or ahead of schedule
• A smooth move-in without issues
• A clean and freshly painted home
• Ease of mind for students and parents

Get In Touch

Our team’s year-round dedication to serving your community and on-site teams allows us to maintain consistency, deliver quality, and understand the specific needs of your property on both a current and long-term basis. We strive to provide a level of service unrivaled in the industry.

Ready to collab on your next turn? We are.